Game321 Boost

Boost Overview

Game321 is a large integrated entertainment platform, it has successfully published Pockie Ninja, Pockie Pirates, Pockie Saints, Tales of Solaris, FoxLi Rush, Divines of the East, Wartune, Cyber Monster, DDTank, and other popular premium online games.

The program of Boost enables you become affiliate partner, and make you not only enjoy premium gaming content, but also gain great profits with Game321! That means you can gain handsome commission when each of your referrals spend for our game.

Start Earning Money with Game321 Right Now

Make Handsome
Commission For All Games!

Become a affiliate partner, the most important is that you can earn up to 40% handsome commission for every sale that you refer to our site.

We support multi tier structure and you could track your referred player's performance from our system.

Please find the multi-tier commission structure as below:

Amount of Sales Per Month Commission Rate
Less than 500 USD 25%
501 USD - 2000 USD 35%
2001 USD - 3000 USD 40%
Above 3000 USD 55%

* We protect your commissions with Post Affiliate Pro, preventing others from simply "stealing" your rightful commission, after you've done all the promotion work. No more stolen commissions!

How To Join

All registered Game321 members, familiar with existing games and would love to share those games with friends and family.
You can get started in next 4 Easy Steps:

1. Apply to promote our game

Register portal account, then click Affiliate Signup to apply. After review from our affiliate manager, you will receive email with your password to our Affiliate Panel to get your general referral link and other infor. In this Affiliate Panel, you can see campaign banners, text links and other promotion material. After you promoted, you can even see detailed statistics of traffic and sales you referred.

PS: When you signup, the email should be the same as the registered email for game321 portal account.

2. Invite friends to play

- By email: recommend games in to your friends via email. If the player accept the invitation, s/he just need to click the general affiliate link contained within the email. After h/she register through your general affiliate link, h/she will be your referred player automatically.

- By forum, blog or website: You can copy your general referral link to any site while promoting games. Ads can be image or text, and can be placed in a blog, as a review, as a sidebar, or just about anywhere.

PS: only when your friends register to play our game via your general referral link, then can his or her charge for our game be counted to you.

3. Guide your friends to play

There's always more fun to explore the game with friends. As a referer, you can provide detailed guidance about the game to the person you referred, doing quests and leveling up together.

4. Check earnings

Remember,if the person you referred purchase products from our game, you'll get paid for your effort! All your earnings can be viewed from your Affiliate Panel.